Let's change the world with SGT - 3 Dimensional Semiconductor
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Dr. Fujio Masuoka
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Fujio Masuoka
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – Unisantis-Electronics (Japan) Ltd.
Inventor of flash memory
In the semiconductor industry, a new wave has been set off every 20 years from the invention of bipolar transistor to flash memory. With scaling of MOS transistor reaching its limitation, I have proposed the next generation semiconductor device called SGT having the 3-dimensional structure. I believe that it would definitely change the industrial structure as well as people’s lives when we realize the clock frequency of MPU up to 50GHz.

We are currently recruiting researchers who would like to join our R&D team led by Dr. Fujio Masuoka, which we believe would make a huge difference in the world and bring benefits for the people.

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