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Let's change the world with SGT - 3 Dimensional Semiconductor
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 Unisantis Electronics (Japan )Ltd.
Company Profile

Company Name : Unisantis-Electronics (Japan) Ltd.                     
Established :     July 2004.

Vision Statement.

“Let’s change the world with SGT – 3 Dimensional Semiconductor”

The Vision of Unisantis Electronics Japan is to successfully develop and create a three dimensional transistor which will transform the semiconductor industry.

Company Profile.

Unisantis Electronics Japan is a Japanese company which forms part of "NewScope Group", a large reputed international group of companies, actively pursuing and supporting advanced Research & Development of Breakthrough Technologies and translating these into commercial reality.
The company is now engaged in the research of the new semiconductor, which has 3 dimension structure, so-called Surrounding Gate Transistor (hereinafter referred to as the “SGT”. The project is being carried out by Fujio Masuoka as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the research team.


Company Management.

Junji Numata (Chairman, Representing Director)

Kinichi Fukuda (President, Representing Director)


Fujio Masuoka (Chief Technology Officer)

Inventor of flash memory, Honorary Professor of Tohoku University.
Can you imagine a world without flash memory! Without flash memory there would be no convenient way of reprogramming embedded systems in the field - i.e. no easy post-sale bug fixes, no product sales before standards are ratified, and no remote software upgrades. The cellular phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and countless other everyday electronic devices that we take for granted would not be as portable, adaptable, and affordable without flash memory. SGT (a three-dimensional semiconductor) will transform a technological world in next step.

Professor Fujio Masuoka

He is a world-renowned technologist credited as the inventor of flash memory. He has spent most of his career working on the research and development of numerous kinds of semiconductor memory including flash memory, programmable read-only memory and random access memory. He also possesses considerable knowledge in image sensing devices (such as charge-coupled devices) and high-speed semiconductor logic.

He is a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and a member of the Institution of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Japan. He is also Professor Emeritus of the Research Institute of Electrical Communication at Tohoku University in Japan.

Career Profile

1966 Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University.
1971 Completed the doctoral course, Tohoku University.
1971 Joined Toshiba Corporation.
1994 Appointed as Professor at Tohoku University.
2005 Accepted as the Chief Technology Officer of Unisantis Electronics (Japan) Ltd.
2007 Appointed as Honorary Professor at Tohoku University

Awards and Recognition

1977 Awarded the Watanabe's Prize on the year of its inception.
1980 Awarded the invention award, National Invention Awards.
1985 Awarded the encouraging award for invention, Kanto-district.
1986 Awarded the encouraging award for invention, Kanto-district.
1988 Awarded the encouraging awards, twice in the year, for invention, Kanto-district.
1991 Awarded the encouraging award for the invention, Kanto-district.
1995 IEEE Fellow.
1997 Awarded the IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award.
2000 Awarded the major award of Ichimura-Sangyo Prize.
2002 Awarded the 2002 SSDM Award.
2005 Awarded Innovation Award by the Economist.
2007 Awarded Medal with Purple Ribbon from Emperor Akihito of Japan.
2009 Flash memory recognized in the IEEE as one of `25 Microchips That Shook The World`
2010 Inducted into the Computer History Museum Hall of Fame
2011 Inducted into the CE Hall of Fame



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